Our mission is to foster creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children twelve and under, through hands-on exhibits, programming, and outreach.


A state-of-the-art, centrally located children’s museum in the Mendel building that is a vibrant and welcoming hub for children and families, a resource for schools, and a major tourist destination.


Playful discovery, creativity, and imagination

  • We believe that kids develop foundational life skills through self-guided learning, and hands-on playful exploration.
  • We create fun, unique, open-ended places where kids can discover, imagine, create, explore, and socialize—and learn to love learning.
  • We embrace leading-edge research about child development and play-based education theory.

Good business

  • We impress all of our visitors.
  • We insist on strong governance and management to ensure that our organization endures.
  • We generate diverse revenue streams and manage our assets prudently to ensure sustainability.
  • We plan three to five years in advance, and work methodically to achieve our plans.
  • We relentlessly identify gaps in our business practices and work to improve them.
  • We comply with published standards of best practice and good governance.
  • We appreciate our investors and provide an innovative recognition program.

Bringing people together

  • We engage all kids, regardless of their background, abilities, or finances.
  • We bring kids to the museum that otherwise can’t get there. Or, we take the museum to them.
  • We draw kids, families, and communities together; we’re the town square; a social hub.
  • We partner with others who are doing great things for kids - educators, families, childcare professionals, program providers.
  • We draw people to the museum, to the Mendel building, to the city, to the province. People love this place!
Kids at the Campfire
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